Investment Management

We target investment opportunities in growth markets across all real estate asset classes and industries using three core investment approaches: (1) develop to core; (2) value add; and (3) covered land.

Our goal for every project is to create a generational asset that offers a differentiated product in a culturally rich and activated market with positive migration trends and growth rates. We believe assets with these qualities create stronger consumer demand and, as a result, are well positioned to increase in value over time.

We use a research-driven approach to evaluate our investments and utilize leading commercial real estate technology and software platforms to create long-term value in our projects while also managing risk.

Our collective capabilities and expertise allow us to execute complex development projects that add value to the communities in which we invest.

Development Management

Pearl River manages all phases of the acquisition and development process from planning and feasibility to design, construction, and project closeout. Our collective experience and relationships with strong industry partners – together with our collaborative approach and integrated development management platforms – positions our team to deliver projects on time and on budget.

We work hard to develop best-in-class environments that enhance inclusive engagement, foster healthy collaboration, and promote innovative and forward-thinking amenities, while finding balanced integration of the indoors and outdoors.

Asset Management

We believe in tailoring our management services to fit the needs of each asset in order to maximize property value and investment returns. We know it is crucial to have real-time market knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the financial elements of each asset, supported through clear and transparent communication with our tenants, partners and investors.